[teriyaki turkey burgers]

can be adjusted to serve any amount

Ground turkey (1 package of the Jennie O stuff will make 4 burgers)

Minced Onion
Teriyaki Sauce
Beef or Chicken broth
Mozzarella or Provolone cheese, sliced

Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

Onion, if desired
Pineapple, if desired

Mix ground turkey w/ salt, pepper, minced onion, oregano, ginger and small amount of teriyaki sauce. Form into patties. Heat skillet to medium/high heat. Add small amount of olive oil to skillet. Heat patties on each side until golden brown. Add small amount of beef or chicken broth to bottom of pan. Add a tablespoon or more of teriyaki sauce to the top of each burger. Cover with lid and simmer on low for 10 minutes, turning once and adding more teriyaki sauce. Add cheese to each burger. Remove from heat and keep covered. Get the fixins ready and grill buns in the broiler. Check burgers for doneness - they should still be tender but fully cooked.

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